Vocational case study

How a vocational learning provider was able to generate a consistent stream of new applicants using Hotcourses websites

We met with a building and construction learning provider who has been advertising with Hotcourses Group websites for over two years

Why advertise with Hotcourses?

Our client says...

'We ultimately started advertising across the Hotcourses network to generate a decent quality of national and regional student enquiries across the recognised trades e.g.plumbing. This Hotcourses continued to do on a month-by-month basis.'

What did they get?

On average, Hotcourses Adult Learning and Vocational websites (Hotcourses and Floodlight.co.uk) send almost 1000 relevant prospective learners to the vocational provider website each month.

Introductory Service

Hotcourses introduces new pre-qualified leads to marketing partners. Over 70% of the leads Hotcourses sent had never previously been to the provider's website.

Our client says...

'Most of the applicants generated across the Hotcourses network are unique to us, we don't see them coming from any other source.'

Lead quality and conversion

The quality of these leads is demonstrated in the client's analytics, where they could see the average pages per visit from a Hotcourses referred learner is double that of other sources of traffic.

The time on site is also above average with potential students from Hotcourses engaging with their website for over 3 minutes.

But how do these convert?

Quality signals are good, but what about conversion?
Using Google Analytics the learning provider was able to see that an amazing 19% of Hotcourses referred traffic completed applications, compared to 15% from other sources.

Conversion rate

Our client says...

'All-in-all the Hotcourses network has proved to be a valuable marketing partner and this will continue into 2016 and beyond.'

What next?

We're going to keep looking at what we do to make sure we keep sending the right traffic your way.

If you're interested in finding out more about this report, or about ways you can advertise on our sites, email insights@hotcourses.com