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Our sites receive over 69.5 million visits per year and generate over 244 million page views, producing over 3.5 million enquiries for our advertisers.

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International sites


Our English language site covering study destinations in the UK and Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia. The most comprehensive online resource in the world for study abroad options.

Our International network

This network of mobile-responsive websites includes country-specific user generated content, editorial, student reviews and rankings - all translated into the local language of the student.


Launched in 2008, Hotcourses india offers peer-to-peer advice on over 600,000 programs at 4,680 institutions in the UK and Europe, the USA, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia


Hotcourses Group produces some of the world's largest education search websites (collectively with 61 million visits per year). Its dedicated B2B site, Hotcoursesgroup.com, provides detailed information on the tools available to reach prospective students, insightful articles written by industry leaders and in-depth analysis on global trends in higher education.