Myhotcourses FAQs

  • About Hotcourses

    Hotcourses is the world’s largest program search website. It is accessed by millions of students every year and has helped many to find the right program and improve their life options in the US and across the world. Our portfolio of websites is growing every day. If you would like help generating more inquiries please speak to us at

  • What is is a content management application designed to help learning providers maintain their program information on the Hotcourses database. The site enables you to add, update and delete programs and opportunities on the Hotcourses database quickly, easily and at a time that suits you. If you have booked advertising options you can use this application to maintain your advertising profile.

  • Is it free to list my programs on Hotcourses?

    Inputting your programs via myhotcourses is free. However, if you wish to optimize your search potential on our websites you may want to discuss our advertising options with our sales team.

  • Can you upload program information on my behalf?

    If you’ve booked advertising with us, we can upload information on your behalf once a year free of charge. If you’ve never paid for advertising with us, we can load your information but there will be a charge for it. Please contact our sales team for a quote.

  • Who can use

    All learning providers who wish to have their courses listed on Hotcourses-branded websites.

  • Why should I use is the quickest and most efficient way of updating your information. You will have full control of the data entered and you can update as frequently as you wish. Quality audits show that information maintained by providers is more likely to be of a better quality and be more up-to-date.

  • What are the benefits of

    Free marketing, speed and efficiency. By keeping your information up-to-date you will provide learners with fresh and accurate data. Our websites are accessed by millions of national and international visitors. We also supply program information to specific industries (for example the BBC used our program search on their website). Your programs will be seen by more people if you use myhotcourses.

  • Do I need to register first to use

    If your organization has not already registered, you will need to register with us.

  • Who is the administrator?

    The first person to register an organization on becomes the administrator for that provider. There can be only one administrator per provider.

  • Can we have more than one user?

    Yes. Each user will need to register and the administrator will need to approve their registration. You can register as many editors as you wish.

  • How do I know if my organization is already registered?

    When you start filling in the registration form you will be asked to input the name of your institution. Once you start typing it in, a list of registered providers will appear. If you see your organization details in the list, it means that someone has already registered your institution. Please select the name from the list. When registration has been completed you will either receive an email informing you if you have been added as an editor for an existing provider or if you have registered a brand new provider.

  • How do I register?

    On page click on 'First time user? Register’ button. On the next page, please fill in all mandatory fields. Once you submit your details, you will go through a process of verification. If you are the first person to register your institution on your details will need to be verified by our team and you will become the administrator. If you have registered as an additional user (editor) for an organization that is already present on our database, your details will need to be verified by the organization’s administrator.

  • Why do my details need verification?

    One of the reasons we have introduced the verification process is to help us prevent organizations registering twice. The other reason is to prevent a non-authorized user updating your data.

  • I’ve registered, but have not been verified. Why not?

    Once you’ve registered your details as a new provider, the verification team will receive an email and process your request. We aim to approve your details in one working day, however occasionally it may take longer than a day.

    If you have registered as an editor, then your institution’s administrator will receive an email to approve your request. If you do not hear from them in three working days please email us, by replying to your registration email.

  • What are my login details?

    If you have registered using you have supplied us with your login details. If you are not sure or you cannot remember your password please click on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link on the login page and follow the instructions.

  • Can I change my login details?

    Yes. Please click on your name on the top right of the page. This will open your details and you’ll be able to update the information.

  • What is a mandatory field?

    Compulsory information you need to supply in order to save your work. All of our website searches are based on these fields. All mandatory fields have an asterisk next to the field name.

  • Can I save information without filling in all mandatory fields?

    No, if you do not enter all mandatory information your changes will not be saved and your data will be lost.

  • Do I need to click on the save button after I have filled in each field?

    No, but remember to save your work regularly so you don’t lose any data.

  • What is the character limit of each field?

    Each field is different. Please refer to the Hotcourses Data Entry Standards for specific lengths.

  • How do I access my programs?

    Once you’ve logged on to you will see three sections, one of them being ‘my programs’. If you click on the underlined number of programs you currently have, you will be redirected to your programs section. You can also access this section from the navigation bar by clicking on the ‘my programs’ tab.

  • How do I add a program?

    In the ‘my programs’ section under the navigation bar there is an ‘add a program’ link – click on that. Alternatively, to add new programs you can click on the link under the number of programs.

  • How do I input my program titles?

    You can enter any program title you want, however there are a couple of things we strongly recommend – please include the subject taught or a keyword relevant to that program. Remember that learners search by keywords. Try avoiding ambiguous words and aim for clarity.

  • What is the difference between programs and deliveries?

    The program represents the topic taught, and may or may not lead to a qualification or certificate at the end. It is independent of when, where or how it will be taught. The delivery methods represent when, where and how a program will be taught. One program can have many delivery methods.

  • I need help when entering information

    Click on the question mark icon next to the field, as we’ve included some helpful entry instructions.

  • I cannot save my program details

    Please check you have filled in all mandatory fields.

  • I get an error message when I try to save

    Please read the information given and take the appropriate action. It’s usually due to missing information in mandatory fields.

  • Why do I get a warning message?

    We have embedded lots of validation rules in the application to help us collect high-quality, accurate information. If you get a warning message it means there’s a potential discrepancy. Please read the message and take the appropriate action.

  • Do I need to retype all information if my delivery method is different in only one field?

    No, if most of your delivery methods are the same you can duplicate an existing delivery and change the information you need.

  • I submitted a program, but it isn’t showing on the Hotcourses websites

    New program changes are updated overnight on our system. Your information will go live on our websites the next day.

  • I don’t have the exact dates for my program; can I still add the program to the database?

    Yes please. You can set the start date description to ‘to be confirmed’ and update the start date at a later stage.

  • How often do I need to update my information?

    You can update as often as you like. It’s important to keep your information current and up-to-date.

  • Is there a restriction on the number of programs we can have?

    No, you can enter as many programs as your institution runs. Please remember you don’t need to split the program if you offer different study modes (for example full-time and online options); you can enter it as one program with multiple deliveries and this program will appear in the relevant searches.

  • Is there a restriction on the number of deliveries per program we can have?

    No, you can have as many deliveries attached to programs as necessary. You should enter different delivery methods for programs run at different venues, durations and study modes. Please remember that you can enter multiple start dates in one delivery.

  • Is there a restriction on the number of schools or departments we can have?

    No, there isn’t a restriction on the number of schools or departments you can have. Please remember only to enter fixed address locations.

  • Do you support bulk upload?

    The ability to bulk upload programs via spreadsheet / .csv is piloting now in the UK. For more information on this development, please email

  • Do you support XCRi or other XML formats?

    We do not currently support XCRi or any other XML formats - updates can only be made via myhotcourses using manual course input or Bulk Upload

    If you support XCRi and wish for Bulk Upload to support this functionality in the future, please email

  • I have an idea about how you can improve myhotcourses – who do I tell?

    We’re always interested to hear how we could improve - please email

  • Do my programs disappear from your websites while I am updating?

    No. While you are updating your information via your live programs aren’t affected.

  • How do I update a program?

    You can make individual changes by clicking on the field that needs amending. Soon you will be able to perform global changes too.

  • I have updated my programs – why aren’t they live on the website yet?

    Once you’re happy that you have finished updating, you’ll need to send your update live. Click ‘send my changes live’ – this will start the process. Once your changes are processed, your information will go live.

  • Why do my programs need processing?

    All information supplied through is processed against our Data Entry Standards. This ensures consistency and good quality, and ensures programs appear in the correct searches.

  • What are the technical requirements?

    The site performs best in later versions of Internet Explorer (7 and 8) and latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

  • I would like to become a paying client with Hotcourses and receive extra benefits

    We have a dedicated sales team who can advise you. Please email

  • I need help with my profile

    Please contact your customer care contact, who will help you with your query.

  • Still not found an answer to your question? Please post your question to our team at